Why do we get angry when our children get angry?

children get angry

Children get angry and that is part of their development, they can do it through hunger, anger, frustration or any other reason that makes them express themselves in a certain way. They do not always bother with parents, there are external factors that make them upset. But, has it happened to them that when they are upset, we get angry too?

Why we get angry when our children get angry.

    Many parents are uncomfortable with the feeling of anger in our children, it frustrates us to know they are upset, and it is usually the anger of the children that causes us the greatest discomfort.

    Specialists indicate that one of the reasons why we get angry at the annoyance of our children, is that most of us grow up denying or repressing this emotion of anger.

    Our parents educate us to channel or avoid anger, that’s why it makes us so angry when our kids are angry.

    However, rejecting the discomfort of anger in our children is not the best option, by refusing it, we get even more angry and this does not give us the tools to solve the problem.

When we try to eradicate the anger of our children, bothering us we also increase the tension in the family, and this in the medium term can create aggressive behaviors in children. We understand how complicated it is to treat the anger or tantrums of our children with empathy, pleasure, and respect, but it is necessary.

By letting our anger be placed at the same level as the child’s discomfort, the discussion will continue and the two will end up even more angry than at the beginning and this can make us react in an uncontrollable way. Read also: Verbal abuse: violence towards children What should we do?     Accept the anger or anger of our children as part of their development.     Understand that they try to express their emotions.     Channel our negativity to this emotion and accept it as part of the process.     Recognize and understand the personal background of anger in children.     Try to solve the problem assertively. Nobody knows our children better than their parents, for this reason, in situations of anger or anger, the important thing is to stay calm, talk, or respect the expression of their anger without repressing them.


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